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Our landlord-tenant litigation team has resolved thousands of landlord-tenant disputes successfully on behalf of our clients. Whether terminating a lease, regaining possession, resolving a dispute over lease or other contract obligations, pursuing tenant and guarantor breach of lease liability, ensuring the clients’ rights are protected as a landlord and creditor in tenant bankruptcies, or navigating the numerous pitfalls that can exist even after regaining possession of the owner’s premises, the Horner Law Group litigation team has the expertise and skill to efficiently assist, protect and enforce our clients’ rights . The Horner Law Group litigation team has extensive experience representing its landlord clients in virtually every county across California as well as numerous federal district courts across the country. We also have substantial experience in helping our landlord clients pursue their claims and protect their rights in tenant Chapter 7, Chapter 11 (both small as well as in the largest national retail cases) and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases across the country. We understand the intricacies of debt collection for our landlord clients and efficiently pursue and obtain satisfaction and collection of damages arising from lease obligations.

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