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As a commercial real estate law firm, a mainstay of our practice is commercial lease litigation. We frequently represent some of the largest landlords in the country in their lease litigation. Horner Law Group recently represented one of the nation’s largest landlords in breach of lease litigation against a well-known restaurateur and a national sports icon. Our landlord-tenant litigation team, prosecutes typically over 30 breach of lease actions a year and are considered some of the leading advocates, lecturers and writers on the subject.

Additionally, our attorneys have extensive knowledge of and experience with landlord-tenant bankruptcy laws which often come into play during any such litigation. Horner Law Group is also the right choice for lease litigation because of our extensive experience in collecting funds owed to our landlord clients. We understand not just the intricacies of the law and lease litigation, but also the end game – how to apply leverage and the collection of money in the most efficient manner possible.

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