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Our litigation team successfully completes in excess of 100 commercial unlawful detainers per year. These cases range from smaller evictions such as marijuana growing facilities in industrial space, to evictions of national and international tenants occupying up to hundreds of thousands of square feet. We facilitate the return of possession in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, including having the good business sense to advise our clients when a simple letter acknowledging return of possession or a notice of belief of abandonment will suffice. We handle the process from return of possession, through compliance with statutory procedures for abandoned personal property, and guiding clients through the decision to pursue future rent and other damages through a breach of lease action.

Horner Law Group attorneys are experienced in tenant bankruptcy litigation, which is essential in handling lease and unlawful detainer litigation. Whether in state court unlawful detainer litigation or federal court bankruptcy proceedings involving lease issues, Horner Law Group attorneys are the right choice.

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